I Will Never Quit Dreaming

A children's book by Bennie S. Rodgers

Introducing the first book in our series

I will never quit dreaming

Introducing Never Quit and friends: Never Quit is a little single-winged bird that has never flown, but he never quits trying that's why they call him never quit. Never quit lives far away in a beautiful land called Faith Valley.

Never quit and friends teach Children to believe in themselves and never quit trying.

Let's never quit and inspire your child.. which could last a lifetime."

Bring Never Quit and his Friends Home

If you buy the DVD you get the book free

Never Quit and Friends

Never Quit and Friends


The Never Quit DVD features the author of the Never Quit series reading and performing in the Lexington Mississippi Library. This DVD also music and effects. Make this apart of your home.

Never Quit and Friends

Never Quit and Friends

Book One

The first on our Never Quit and Friends book series is an exciting 17 page Illustrated book that will keep your child entertained from start to finish. The book is fully colored.

$6.95 USD
Never Quit and Friends

Never Quit and Friends


The Never Quit CD is full of original music. This 9 song CD is narrated by 10 years old Clarissa Cross. Clarissa opens the CD with a beautiful narration that's sure to inspire every listening child.


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